5 Essential Maintenance Tasks Every Commercial Property Owner Should Know

5 Essential Maintenance Tasks Every Commercial Property Owner Should Know

Commercial property maintenance should be one of your priorities as a real estate investor, but where do you begin?

When investing in commercial real estate, you won't have to worry about maintenance as much as you would with residential properties. However, you must still know a few tasks that will help you keep your property in good shape and its tenants happy.

In this quick guide, PMI Redwood Realty will help you master the basics of commercial property maintenance. Keep reading to learn about 5 key tasks every owner should know!

1. Property Inspections

Every property owner must know how to identify issues and signs of damage. This can be done during a property inspection, which is a thorough examination of a property's interior and exterior.

You should aim to inspect your properties at least once a year, but you can do so as often as you'd like. However, inspecting more than twice a year may disturb tenants and prevent them from renewing their leases.

2. Handling Requests

Another simple task to know is how to handle maintenance requests from tenants.

When a tenant has a problem with something, you should try to resolve it as quickly as possible. This may help you not only build a better relationship with them, but you may also avoid larger issues with your property later.

3. Preventive Maintenance

Aside from handling requests quickly, investing in preventive maintenance is another great way to avoid larger issues.

Preventive maintenance revolves around proactively monitoring and repairing things. Although you may only conduct inspections once or twice a year, you should repair things as soon as you notice them. If a tenant seems to report a plethora of issues, you may need to conduct a more thorough inspection.

4. Updating Tenants

Whenever you do something to your property while it has a tenant, you should notify them immediately. This will make them feel much more comfortable operating their business on your property.

Some of the most common things to update a tenant about are when you're going to conduct an inspection, the repairs you make, and whether something needs to be replaced.

5. Maintaining Equipment

The last simple task that will help you get more out of real estate is maintaining the equipment you use for repairs. Doing so will ensure you get the best results and prevent you from having to spend a lot on replacements.

Even if you outsource repairs, it's still best to have your own equipment for minor fixes, which will help you save some money in the long run.

Outsource Commercial Property Maintenance to PMI Redwood Realty

If you can nail all of these commercial property maintenance tasks, managing your properties will be much easier.

PMI Redwood Realty can make things even easier by handling all of these tasks for you. With our full-service property management, you can focus on growing the rest of your portfolio while we maintain your properties. You can choose exactly what you'd like us to work on, and then we'll handle the rest.

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